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There are those who believe in a need for change and there are those who just can’t be bothered to change even if its the last resort to save mother nature.

In a postmodern generation, it seems like everyone wants to save the earth but nobody wants to sacrifice the luxury that fuels the raping of earths natural resource.

Unless they have the latest gizmos and travel to the furthest part of the planet the postmodern generation feel that they are merely existing and not truly living.

Her cries goes unnoticed even with the recent extreme weather reports from all over the world. Mother Nature has been calling out to us, the question remains whether we are prepared to listen?

Before you switch off thinking that this is not for you and the sacrifice on our lifestyle would be too great.

Here are some simple suggestions from Treepublic of India of how we can all do our little to respect mother nature.

Only the legal documents should be used in the printed form and all other forms of transactions of information should be carried out through Internet.

Reduce the use of tissue paper for which large quantities of the rain forest are being destroyed.

Print paper both side while printing.

Use coffee mug instead of disposable cups

Make maximum usage of cloth carry bags while shopping.

Install a low-flow shower head.

Walk or ride your bike instead of driving, whenever possible.

Respect Mother Nature before its too late…

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