• Project : Building Oxygen Hubs inside city limits

Objective : To reduce the ever increasing temperature of our cities, also to develop oxygen hubs within our city limits where we can balance our basic health & oxygen requirement for the coming days. Macro scale tree plantation in a scientific and sustenance manner. Planting & sustaining over 5,00,000 Trees by 2017 in and around cities of Pune & Mumbai .

  • Project: GAP : Green Ambassador School Program  – Employees & Volunteer driven

Objective : GAP is an interactive action oriented workshop modules based learning with schools about today’s pressing environmental issues . To study in-depth about the source, distribution, possible areas of misuse and jointly working interactively with students till implementing the thought of refusing the unwanted material & habits using mind mapping techniques.

  • Project : Lets Green Societies

Objective :

  • Green the societies at large in the city
  • Plant 10,000 trees inside the housing city for a better tomorrow
  • Get the societies & its members actively involved in the campaign
  • Project Oorja, Solar Villages

Objective : Tree Public focuses on creating self reliant villages through the maximum use of alternative energy sources to minimize the impact on environment and create  healthy living conditions that can impact both the rural and urban population.

  • Environment Theater Festival

Objective :  TPF is working effectively on the means of communication and expressions about environmental issues in the form of performing arts. Environment Theater Festival (ETF) is a refreshing combination of theater & arts that draws awareness & importance about such environmental issues in creative way and inspires constructive thinking and a change between the students – audience, ensuring that the real issues and solution are successfully realized in a creative manner.

  • Bird Republic

Objective :Bird Republic (BR) is a special initiative of Tree Public to conserve and work towards increasing the bird population. BR is committed to create a nation full of lively and happy birds and salutes the spirit of freedom of these tiny lovable creatures.