About Us

Tree Public is a registered environment NGO methodically working towards a-forestation by way of macro scale Tree Plantation in Pune. Our core focus is to work towards reducing the Carbon Footprints by way of planting native Indian trees like Neem, Peepal, Banyan (Vad), Umbar, Kashid, Tamarind etc. known for their properties of purifying the atmosphere and creating clean breathing air.

We realize that the biggest challenge is not just plantation but sustenance of the planted trees. Hence, Tree Public under its environmental projects also takes care of all the planted trees by way of maintenance, watering, cleaning up the grass etc for a period of 3 years. This ensures a healthy plant survival rate and works as an active CSR/ CR model of being a responsible citizen.

The efforts put in this mission of creating Green Lungs of the city has resulted in a milestone achievement for Tree Public by planting and sustaining over lakhs of Trees in past 4 years with a Tree Survival ratio of approximately 80% across the plantation sites. Tree Public is also extensively working on environment protection by generating & implementing green ideas through the efforts of school education programs, by interactive training & learning programs like zero garbage, zero plastic, eco library, green thoughts via theatrical performances & various corporate programs for integrated awareness.

Tree Public realizes that only human physical efforts of plantation are not going to be enough to solve the ever growing environmental challenges. A smarter and a natural way of greening needs to be worked on simultaneously to ensure a bio diversified plantation that will help to develop healthy surroundings. With this thought, Tree Public extensively started working towards the conservation and enhancement of bird population, as birds are the natural carrier of seeds and unknowingly help increase the plantation in our surroundings.

Tree Public works on various ways of increasing the native bird population by way of planting native trees that work as a food source to the birds. Man made nests made of natural wood ensure that the birds get shelter and a secured place to lay eggs to ensure a healthy bird population.

We realize that being a NGO and an actively responsible citizen, it is our duty to help other NGOs and hence we extend our support to other such organization to create a wholesome Green Community.

Tree Public is supported by over 3000 volunteers spread across Pune district.


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To save a decade we should plant trees,

to save a century we need to plant,

Green Ideas!



Tree Public Foundation exist to shape a culture of respect for natural resources by replenishing available land and trees, and increasing the green canopy, making visible efforts towards enrichment and enhancement of environment in totality.



  • Technical Tree plantation & maximizing the green canopy
  • Ecological enhancement activities
  • Bird conservation programs
  • Creative & interactive awareness building activities with Schools & corporate
  • Active Public and private participation
  • Awareness about the alternate resources