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Earth day special
WE, THE inhabitants of earth, have reached that stage where we need to redesign and reconsider our lifestyles for further survival on this planet. If we want the generations to look forward to a healthy and green earth, then we really have to change ourselves at the earliest.
The fact that the forest cover of the whole world has drastically depleted over a period of time owing to the human needs and activities.

· Some of the steps that can be followed in this direction towards better environment.

· All of us should opt for the e-bills rather than the printed statements for our telephones, mobile phones, bank statements, credit card statements electricity and water bills etc, Quite a few private companies have already started this action and the others left should follow the same.

· Only the legal documents should be used in the printed form and all other forms of transactions of information should be carried out through Internet.

· Communication of all types should be preferably done through e-mails.

· Educational institutions and other such set ups, which need to have the process of registration etc should start online registration and admissions rather than the conventional 10 page (sometimes even more) admission form in printed version. Even the prospectus and the guidelines manuals should be made available on the Internet for the use of the candidates.

· Many other similar kind of simple things can be adopted in our day to day life.

· It takes only a second to waste a beautiful sheet of paper but decades for a tree to grow.

· Reduce the use of tissue paper for which the entire rain forest are to be cut.

· At light one solar lamp in you house and see the difference.

· Print paper both side while printing.

· Use coffee mug instead of disposable cups,

· Reuse items like bags and containers every where possible.

· Make maximum usage of cloth carry bags while shopping.

· Buy rechargeable batteries for devices used frequently.

· Shop with a canvas bag instead of using paper and plastic bags.

· Buy items in bulk from loose bins when possible to reduce the packaging wasted.

· Install a low-flow shower head.

· Walk or ride your bike instead of driving, whenever possible.

· Use solar power for home and water heating.

· Use traps instead of rat and mouse poisons and insect killers.

· Shade outside air conditioning units by trees or other means

Inputs by Tree Public Action team & Pratibha Prashar.

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